Hainan Boundary Island Scenic Spot

First 5A-grade sea-island scenic spot in China

Boundary Island , is not just a climatic boundary …


Boundary Island in Hainan, which is called as a beautiful islet remaining aloof from the world, floating in the South Seas, has all characteristic landforms of tropical old-growth island, with bright and soft sea sand, aure and transparent seawater, resources of rare marine organism as well as funny and  exciting sea tourist projects etc.

Boundary Island is located at the southeastern sea around Hainan Island. It’s about 1.2 sea miles as it is mostly close to the coast of Hainan Island and it takes about 15 minutes for one-way shipping. The islet is accumbent in the long-strip shape from northeast to southwest in azure sea and in a far view, it looks like a saddle. It has an area of about 0.41 km2 and the elevation is highest at 99m.

Boundary Island is in the jouridiction of Lingshui Li nationality’s autonomous county, about 70km away from Sanya and about 180km to Haikou.

Hainan Boundary Island Scenic Spot was open on May 1st, 2015, was evaluated as a national 5A-grade scenic spot by National Tourism Administration in January of 2013 and is the first and only national 5A-grade sea-island scenic spot in China.

Many tourists travel to Hainan for azure sea and blue sky with breeze from coconut tree and charm of sea. Boundary Island depends on the great tropical and natural seawaters to provide numerous sea travel projects with individuation and extreme interaction, which is the island scenic region that has the most sea travel projects in Hainan at present.

A gem drops from sky and nature makes the work. Because Boundary Island has the special geographical position, apparent climatic changes, unique terrain and characteristic regional culture, it has enjoyed the reputation of Boundary Island, Beauty Island, Saddle Ridge as well as Lying Buddha Island. People can feel relaxed and comfortable when they step on the island. They can also have overall perspective of Boundary Island located in sea on the eastern roundabout highway and eastern roundabout railway.

Hallowed and nourishing fairyland divides the south and the north. The beautiful island is the climatic demarcation line of the south and the north in Hainan, cultural boundary of regions of Han nationality and minorities such as Li, Miao and Hui nationality, natural demarcation line of the south and the north in Hainan, the boundary of jurisdictions of northern Qiongzhou State and southern Yazhou State in ancient time, now administrative boundary of Lingshui County and Wanning City, even as well as the “spiritual boundary” of emotion adjustment and reflections on life.

Dark blau sea and cloudy sky set off the gleeful island. Boundary Island is crowded with extremely beautiful sea. Boundary Island can not only provide tourists common sea travel projects of diving, sea-fishing and motorboat, but also numerous projects of contacts with marine animals (dolphin, sea lion, sea turtle and whale shark etc.).

In addition, it also has many sea landscapes such as the sole submarine for seabed sightseeing in China, the only Dolphin Cove in China that wild marine aquatic animals are domesticated in natural seawaters, the Coral Aquarium rare in the world that can show living corals and coral specimens, as well as the biggest Sea-salvaged China Exhibition Hall in China that presents the culture of sea salvage in South Seas, all of which can bring distinguished fun of ocean for tourists.

Meanwhile, Boundary Island can also provide leisure travel services of hotel, catering, wedding celebration on the sea island etc.

It is fascinationg to enjoy a holiday on a primitive seaisland. Sea-view villas on Boundary Island stand in the commanding position and face the sea, which are nestled in the green plants or lean on huge stones. As the winding path leads to a secluded place, sea-view rooms with unique shape can relax people’s mind and bodies and create the feeling of facing the sea and flowering in warm spring. You can sort out your thoughts at ease in regardless of mortal world and freely have an dulcet and amazing time away from madding crowd.

With the intersection of land culture and ocean culture and the integration of local elements in Hainan and ocean civilization in South Seas, Boundary Island, a ten-thousand-year-old beautiful islet, is gradually becoming a place to travel for leisure sea travel in China and seaisland culture exploration.

The former president of Russia Medvedev visited the Boundary Island Scenic Spot in April, 2011, personally experienced relating travel projects and met relating managers of scenic spots.

Boundary Island has very clean beach and rich ecological sea resources and is the sea island in Hainan that is mostly suitable for diving and seabed sightseeing. On October 19th, 2012, “World’s Her Deepness”, a famous American female oceanologist and diver ----Dr. Sylvia Earle dived and inspected in Boundary Island specially. She thought that the ocean environment here is extremely well and it is worthy of diving.

As for its unique travelling resources, Boundary Island is praised by tourists as the “boundary island of spirit”, “heaven dropped in man’s world”, “a place for daze” ……

In the future, Boundary Island will be constructed to a tropical sea island scenic spot for leisure and holiday that is top-class in China and famous around the world. Visit sea, play in sea and explore sea, start at Boundary Island!

China’s first 5A-grade sea-island scenic spot ---- Hainan Boundary Island, welcome you!


Welcome to the Hainan Boundary Island Scenic Spot

Hainan Boundary Island Scenic Spot wish you a happy journey.

Travel projects in Boundary Island:

·View and Emulate of Ocean Culture House

·Dynamic Airboat

·Seabed Sightseeing Submarine (all-underwater)

·Dance of Human and Shark

·Dolphin Paddling

·Open Sea Diving

·Barrier Reef Diving

·Underwater Motor

·Coral Sightseeing Submarine (semi-underwater)


·Parachute Over Sea


·Yacht Sightseeing

·Banana Boat

·Dolphin Cove Sightseeing


·Sea-fishing Club (hotel)

·Sea Skateboard

·Sea Bicycle

Address: Niuling Exit of Eastern Roundabout Highway, Hainan

Postcode: 572400

Tourist center: +86(898) 83347555 83347033

Sea-fishing Club (hotel): +86(898) 83349222 83349128

Transportation tips


You can arrive at the scenic spot by driving along the roundabout highway G98 to the Niuling Exit.

At The entrance of the scenic spot, there sits “coffee stop”, serving the set meal, drinking, parking space and so on.

The ticket office and tourist center are just near the seashore, you can directly arrive by driving, around which there are large public toilet, parking lot and Hainan Flavor Restaurant.

Ⅱ.CRH (China Railway High-speed)

After landing in the Haikou Meilan International Airport or Sanya Phoenix international Airport, visitors can board on the around-island CRH and get off at Lingshui Station. Out of the station, visitors can take free shuttle bus about 15 minutes to the scenic spot. Visitors can consult for the time table for the bus.

Telephone number: +86(898) 83347555 83347033, or load on the official website: www.hnfjz.com. Also, visitors can contact the taxi to the scenic spot outside the station gate.


Free shuttle bus to the scenic spot:

Pickup point in Sanya: the Boundary Island Reception Center, 50m from the entrance of the Century Palace Hotels in Xiayangtian.